Tuesday, 6 March 2012

collage exploring weathering, the technical focus of my thesis, in the style so beloved of everyone on tumblr that I feel self conscious about putting it on there, lest I am accused of plagiarising most of the world.  WILL WRITE A BIT ABOUT THIS LATER.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

This holiday has the been the laziest of my life I think and so despite the irresistible urge to stay in bed and read a book, read the daily mail website making scandalised noises, read facebook, today I decided that I really need to get on with degree things, which shouldn't really have come as much of a surprise.
Anyway, much as I've conditioned myself to think that one is fun and one is work, I'm actually very into what I'm doing this year as it's all on my own initiative, thematically at least. I think I've posed myself quite a difficult question and I get a lot of enjoyment out of sorting through my thoughts and drawing them out, because the answers aren't obvious to me.

There've been a lot of periods during my study of Architecture (mostly third year, which was truly shite) in which I've felt like the direction I was being led in and allowing myself to be mutely led in was ruining my life (I can be a bit over dramatic) and that I was so obviously in the wrong place that everyone must hold my work in tittering contempt. Leaving the country for a while and finding out that coping in a foreign country at a new university was completely within my capabilities definitely helped and now I'm very confident in what I'm good at and refuse to feel constantly cowed into working in a particular way. I don't know why this inspires such a feeling of apology in me because I'm obviously pleased with the way things have turned out, I finally know what I'm interested in and understand that my study of Architecture doesn't have to be something that runs in tandem to or gets shoehorned into my more specific, recurring themes. It's enduring and all-encompassing enough to be a field of enquiry that can be approached via whatever optic I fancy. 

All of the above- duh. Although it did take me absolutely ages to internalise so it's nice to write down.