Friday, 25 March 2011

in my ongoing campaign of 'writing my dissertation' (actually-sitting in front of my computer for five minutes, drinking a cup of tea in the sun, then finding something else highly time consuming and entirely unrelated, preferably a ten minute walk away or in the kitchen), here is what I did today. Or rather, here is the frothing inky afterbirth of what I did today.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

As is my wont, I googled my name today/obsessively checked the visitor stats for my website on a near hourly basis. (not really, I check them at a frequency within normal bounds and appropriate to my online presence. Ahem.) Anyway I noticed that there were loads of unfamiliar referring addresses after I submitted a drawing to the blog drawingarchitecture and it got 'reblogged' about a bit. Which is good. Not sure how these things work but perhaps if I link to it here some kind of internet karma will be visited unto me.
In other news, today was really excellent. I spent the weekend between Glasgow and Lancashire with my boyfriend, mum and auntie (three different people) eating constantly and watching Derek Jacobi in King Lear, understanding surprisingly little. In the light of all this non-productivity I was mildly concerned about the tutorial but as it happens our tutor Ido really loves my drawings and generally the project's going in an interesting direction, which is all an amazing change. Also, an interesting package arrived and I just generally feel quite motivated to work. All good stuff. 

a plan by me of a film, also by me (2009)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


pensées d'aujourd'hui, sans ordre particulier, juste pour me rappeller-
le site conçu comme une isle, même une 'isle de plaisir' (pinnochio reference)- un morceau de la ville qui régroupe des activités divers, qui contient une mixité des programmes et qui fonctionne spatialement avec une logique distinct.
l'importance de l'approche, surtout l'idée d'une arrivée de l'eau (soit en bateau, soit à pied, mais en tout cas de la canal)
>>> ça présente la bésoin d'une attitude envers les côtés qui mènent les gens envers la berge- qu'est-ce qu'il y a là pour attirer les gens? il suffit pas de dire tout simplement qu'on va y mettre une foire, une grande roue etc et voilà- comment investir l'idée de base (en gros, une cirque) avec une espèce de hum...poids culturels.  Pas de superposer des conneries sur le sujet mais trouver un vrai justification qui explique d'un façon concrète et pointu comment la programme est en rapport avec la contexte plus grande, sur le plan social et urbain. hum.

en ce moment j'ai l'image dans ma tête d'une petite isle près de sardinia où je suis allée l'été dernier avec ma famille. Le seul façon d'y accèder était par bateau et ce qui m'a interressé était le 'premier rang' des bâtiments au bord de la mer qu'on pourrait apercevoir à l'approche.
Ce qui m'a semblé bizarre et fascinant à l'époque était que la densité du tissu urbain sur l'isle (qui était vraiment miniscule) continuait sans diminution jusqu'à l'eau, tout au même hauteur, sans interstice. 
Je retrouverai des photos de ça plus tard mais en ce moment c'est une image qui me préoccupe, peut-être comme une façade ininterrompu pour definir les côtés plus fermés? une annonce des fonctions contenu avec une forme qui mène les visiteurs envers la canale ainsi que le cirque, le cinéma, la foire...quoi qu'il y ait. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Had the first positive crit experience of the year yesterday, which was very gratifying as it coincided neatly with the first time i've presented hand drawn images in Versailles. So pleased to finally have tutors that actually allow you to talk, don't take phone calls in the middle of presentations, respond to what you're saying and actually give productive feedback based on their understanding of your work and their interests, instead of just bludgeoning you with depressing and dismissive criticism. Slightly bitter but whatever. To end on a more pleasant note, I feel incredibly optimistic and inspired by the possibilities of the site and project, and I realised yesterday how much my French has improved, which made me wellll happy.
The site's a bit of a gift actually, it's this slightly strange morsel of paris moated by all possible kinds of transport- canal, motorway, trains, there's a tram in construction just to completely conclude it. This means that it's not particularly well connected to anything, but it has the potential to link into all these networks, as well as the massive cultural provision of the parc. At the moment there's a smallish big top style building housing a circus school which has a seasonal rotation with general performing arts whatnots. dunno, research needed there. But provisionally, we're working on the idea of how to use this theme as an impetus for the creation of a flexible system of housing/temporary artist accommodation, which throws up a lot of interesting problems about how to inhabit and exploit the structures already in place from the various types of infrastructure, as well as tempering the associated of noise, vibration and you know,  things and stuff.
I want to really push the presentation of this project so it keeps the kind of sense of humour we've started off with, I'm so excited about doing a load of drawings with the canal and a circus. loser. 
Drew this during the crit yesssserday. Sure she's haughty but she still has to share a seat with that idiot.