Monday, 28 February 2011

new site next to the Parc de la Vilette.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

another one why not


I've just started a new project at Parc de la Villette. Well I say started, what we've actually done is go and wander around for a while, taken a series of dark useless photographs and vaguely talked about levels and ugh...FLOWS and what have ye. The difficulty of devising a brief for anything next to the park is basically that the whole premise of its design is that as far as the cultural destinations, social public space blablabla goes, it just has everything ever conceived ever. Which is a shame as these are the trusty briefs that lazy architecture students have to hand and without them we're groping around housing and performance spaces. Bah think the first thing to do is to diagnose the main problem areas of the site, and find something pertinent and interesting to say about its context. Then there is absolutely no way that inspiration can fail to strike. hum.
Whilst pruning my sketchbook of the rude drawings that could embarrass me in polite company tomorrow i found this, which is otherwise entirely unrelated but it's nice to have a picture no? yes.

Monday, 21 February 2011


This is from Thursday, which was a really excellent day. I don't know why I brought this back to Paris but I'm quite glad I did because it's provided me with multiple means of furthering my tireless campaign of not doing anything at all.
I found a scratchcard on the floor of a bar about a year ago, a winning one. I cashed it in for £1 and immediately bought another one, which also entitled to me 100 shiny pennies. This was enough to convince me that I was probably under the influence of some kind of wizardry so I bought another one and hid it somewhere safe, idea being that eventually I'll be having some kind of poverty related life crisis and (assuming that scratchcards never expire, which they probably do) I'll then win all the money in the world, ever. Unfortunately the safe place is so very safe that it's been completely erased from my brain, and also all the previous times in my life i've believed myself to be the beneficiary of magical luck have ended fairly disappointingly. 
Where was I going with that? Genuinely can't remember. Oh yeah, if i did somehow win a huge amount of money for minimum effort, I would dedicate myself to only have days like last Thursday, swanning about and pretending I'm on holiday. Tenuous.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


photo: BV

went to the dragon walk in the 13√®me today, it was no Birmingham chinatown but these rabbits were truly a thing of joy.  Whose idea was it to make their eyes bright red?

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Happy Chinese New Year to anyone who may be reading this!
On a not particularly but slightly related note, this is my favourite photo of my Mum, or actually one of my favourite photos in general, regardless of subject matter.
I wish I was spending New Years with my family and being force fed until i'm a shining globe of duck and rice instead of clicking away in autocad purgatory. 
WHAT AM I LISTENING TO? well, I am listening to Cat Power and Charlotte Gainsbourg, which will be followed by The Clash and Coco Rosie, because itunes is working its way through the alphabet and I don't trust shuffle. 


to remind me of THIS
THIS THING HERE. It's so rubbish but also comforting when you discover that anything you thought you'd come up with independently is just something you saw on the internet once, internalised and then regurgitated at the appropriate moment.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


This week I'm one of the featured artists on gawker, which is nice as judging from the quality of the work on there they seem to have quite good taste. (link here) I had to crop the navigation bar and tabs out of the image because they reveal a series of embarrassing information quests. If this was a conversation, which it is not, I would at this point probably recount the story of the time I borrowed Jamie's computer and returned it ten minutes later with a search history detailing all the minutia of my medical concerns at the time, all of which seemed to centre around my bladder and its wellbeing.

Had the worst possible review today, made worse by the week long sleep starvation period that preceded it. My new life plan is to never be awake for that long ever again. On a more short term basis the plan is to cobble something good together for this project, then I'm going to have to just redesign the entire beast. Don't know. I'm increasingly thinking that I just don't want to be in Architecture at all, at the moment it's an unfortunate combination of incredibly stressful, at times humiliating, yet somehow also very boring.